Finds Work-Around to Sponsor Premier League’s Everton Club

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Posted on: August 2, 2023, 10:19h.

Last updated on: August 2, 2023, 10:19h.

The English Premier League (EPL) wants to do away with sponsorships that include betting and gambling companies, which could make it more difficult for gaming platforms to stand out. However, is going to get around the rules, in a way, by leaning on its streaming platform Kick, which just signed a sponsorship deal with EPL club Everton.

Everton soccer player Neal Maupay on the field
Everton soccer player Neal Maupay on the field. Joining as a sponsor is streaming platform Kick. (Image: Getty Images)

Kick’s bag of millions of dollars and the arrival of its neon green logo sneaks into the world of soccer with the help of Everton rtp slot gacor In becoming part of the new jersey of the club from Liverpool, the platform expects to gain ground through its relationship with the Premier League.

The league is going to introduce its front-of-shirt gambling sponsorship ban beginning in 2026. It’s highly likely that Kick’s marketing team will get creative in order to promote, as well, to sidestep the ban. is already an Everton sponsor, but that will have to change with the new rules. It also recently tried to sponsor Chelsea before fan backlash forced the deal to a halt.

Kick Comes to the EPL

Kick, which isn’t opposed to gambling content like Twitch, is set to become Everton’s official sleeve partner, according to a press release. It will also be the club’s official streaming partner, joining its global partner portfolio, on all of its digital platforms.

The Twitch rival will also have a home in different stadiums tied to the club. Its brand will feature at Goodison Park, Walton Hall Park, and the Finch Farm training site.

The Kick name will start to appear this weekend. It will reportedly be on the shirt sleeves of Everton’s men’s senior team when it plays a preseason match against Sporting CP this weekend.

In honor of the partnership, Kick and Everton have announced a series of events and ideas designed to bring supporters closer to the club. For the upcoming season, Everton’s women’s team and its under-21 squad will also carry the brand on their sleeves.

Kick is jumping into one of the most important soccer leagues by becoming an Everton. In doing so, it hopes to not only attract users, but streamers, as well.

This is obvious from the messages it is already sending out. It’s continuously highlighting the 95/5 revenue split it offers in favor of the content creators. Twitch only gives 50/50, and some don’t even make that.

In order to emphasize the advantages it offers with respect to other streaming platforms, Kick is entering the elite of world soccer with a profound message. It wants everyone to know that It’s the place to be for any streamer, and any other platform is only second-best.

On the other hand, Everton may get a boost, as well. It can call upon, with approval, some of the most popular content creators available today.

New Streaming Wars Coming

Amazon-owned Twitch is still the dominating streaming platform, although Kick is trying to catch up. It’s been making progress, jumping from five million to 12 million accounts between May and July.

It still has a long way to go, though, as Twitch boasts 140 million. Of course, that platform has been around for much longer; Kick only started to add traction late last year.

There will soon be a new streaming service that will try to upset the balance even more. NASA is launching NASA+ for Android, iOS and other devices.

The platform will reportedly broadcast live events, original videos and more. Although it doesn’t appear to be designed for content creation, it hopes to steal eyes away from some of the more popular platforms.


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