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Welcome to Casino Lucky, your resources on online betting, online casino, online gambling, sports betting, horse racing, and more! Casinolucky.org is a blog & news website that reports on the gambling industry. Whether it’s a new casino opening, the latest sports news, or betting advice from one of our experts, if it involves gambling or betting you can read about it here.

If you are a freelance writer and interested in writing articles related to online casinos, gambling, online gaming, sports betting, horse racing, etc., we accept guest postings and you can submit articles to us.

Write for Us on Casino & Gambling

We accept guest posts on our website. You can contribute articles to our blog by becoming a guest writer. You can write for us if you are a freelance writer, an internet marketing professional, or work for a casino or betting organization.

To write for on our blog related to casinos and betting, you can choose from many topics, for example: “How to play casinos online?”, “What is the best online casino to play?”, “Online casino bonuses”, “How to play poker online” and many others.

Write for Us: Guest Posting Guidelines

To write for us, please make sure your guest posting article meets the following requirements:

  • To write for us, your guest posting article must to related to online gambling, online betting, online casino, online gaming, sports betting, etc.
  • To write for us, your article must have unique content and should not have been published before.
  • Make sure your guest posting article is well-written and without typos and grammar errors.
  • Your guest posting article must be longer than 500 words.

Factors for Casino blogs who accept guest post

So you have to follow a few instructions during finding guest post sites related to your niche. In the coming years, guest blogging is the best practice and best place to find the quality of links for the post.

  • Find a blog relevant to your niche
  • Always select high authority site
  • Keep on your eye on EAT sites
  • Increase your site traffic
  • Make a good relationship with the webmaster
  • Get to know about your site to readers
  • Get better-quality of links

How to find the Casino guest post sites

If you are going to find Casino sites that accept guest posts on the search engine, then you must know the few search engines that query. So here you can find a few search engine queries where you can search these queries on the search engine.

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These are just a few examples to get you going. If your topic is related to gambling or betting, we’re likely to accept it.

Write for Us: Where to Submit

Once you’re ready to submit your guest post to our website, you can then send it to info.casinolucky@gmail.com. We will then check to see if your post is able to meet our standards so you will expect a reply to us within a 24-hour time frame.

Follow the steps and tips we covered above to begin publishing and enhancing your blog today.