Michigan Denies Having Direct Talks With WWE On Betting

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The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) released a statement Thursday saying it had not had any direct contact with World Wrestling Entertainment regarding the offering of legal sports wagering markets for its events.

The statement comes after the Colorado Department of Revenue told Sports Handle that it also hadn’t had any direct talks with WWE for such markets. The Colorado statement was in response to a report by CNBC that WWE was working with the accounting firm of Ernst & Young to potentially help create such markets in Colorado, Michigan, and possibly other states with legal wagering. (CNBC corrected its initial report after Colorado’s statement called its accuracy into question.)

In its release, the MGCB confirmed an unnamed “third-party consultant approached the MGCB more than a year ago about a proposal to add WWE events,” but nothing further developed. The MGCB added that no Michigan-based sports betting operator or platform provider has come to the state agency with a “formal request” for WWE markets.

“The WWE should work with the gaming industry if it wishes to bring a proposal before the MGCB,” said Executive Director Henry Williams as part of the statement.

Michigan allows for wagering on awards shows, such as this upcoming weekend’s Academy Awards, and voting for that event is overseen by Ernst & Young. The CNBC story reported that Ernst & Young would secure match results so they are not known to the public, and that the WWE creative team would not inform its wrestlers and other talent who would win matches until hours before the scheduled event.

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