LVMPD Cop Rescues Strip Driver Seconds Before Car Burst Into Flames

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Posted on: January 29, 2023, 12:14h. 

Last updated on: January 29, 2023, 01:24h.

A seriously injured driver was pulled from a smoky car on Las Vegas Boulevard Friday by a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officer and a bystander. Seconds later, the vehicle burst into flames.

One of the LVMPD officers who responded to a car fire on Las Vegas Strip
One of the LVMPD officers who responded to a car fire on the Las Vegas Strip, pictured above. He tried to extinguish the flames after another officer and a passerby rescued the trapped driver. (Image: KTNV)

The motorist and hero cop both were treated at a local hospital over the weekend for injuries linked to the crash and fire.

The driver is expected to recover. Details on his injuries were not immediately known. The driver had lost consciousness, the Mirror, a UK-based news site, reported.

The unnamed officer, who is assigned to the LVMPD Convention Center Area Command, suffered smoke inhalation. He was examined by hospital staff as a precaution.

Praised as Heroes

Over the weekend, the cop and the good Samaritan were praised as heroes and credited for apparently saving the accident victim’s life. Neither were identified in initial reports.

Both worked with only seconds to spare before the vehicle went up in flames,” the LVMPD said on Twitter. “We are beyond thankful for the quick actions of our officer and the bystander for saving a life!”

Just as the first officer arrived, smoke was coming from the car’s engine and spreading inside the vehicle. Flames were already under the car.

The officer apparently broke one of the car’s windows, and with the help of the passerby, pulled the trapped driver away from the vehicle.

A second officer soon arrived. The trio of rescuers carried the injured man further from the wildly expanding car fire.

A third LVMPD officer at the scene then grabbed a fire extinguisher and attempted to quell the flames, which soon engulfed the car. Local firefighters arrived and were able to extinguish the car fire.

The actions by the initial officer and passerby were praised on social media.

Fox News quoted a Twitter post which called the pair, “Heroes! This person was saved because 2 heroes were selfless! Thank you both! Such a close call!!”

“Wow, great job,” added another social media poster, Acuna Matata.

And Frank Troiano posted, “That cop deserves … [an] award for his bravery.”

The approximate 4:30 p.m. accident took place after the white sedan went out of control and crashed into a palm tree in the center median on the Las Vegas Strip, close to Siegfried and Roy Drive.

The car was traveling south on Las Vegas Boulevard. It was unclear what circumstances led to the accident.

Before the initial officer arrived, some passersby tried to assist the trapped motorist. After arriving, the officer warned them to move to safety as the smoke spread.

News about the rescue got national and international attention in articles over the weekend. Video of the rescue was posted on Twitter and widely reposted.

Traffic Delays

Casino-bound motorists faced delays on the traditionally busy Friday evening along the Strip. The accident tied up traffic while police investigated its cause.

The Venetian and Mirage casinos are located near the accident site.


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