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The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu also offers a VIP lounge, a bar, and a restaurant that serves international cuisine. The casino is known for its exceptional customer service and its commitment to responsible gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a first-time visitor, the casino at Casa Vernescu will surely provide you with a memorable experience.

What Does the Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu Pack?

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu is in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. It’s owned by Yaniv Cohen, and it opens 24/7. The casino’s playground features 100 slots and more than 20 live tables. Among the table games, you will find popular roulette variants and blackjack. Moreover, poker fans will love the several variations available to compete against each other.

Although the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu is not the only casino in Bucharest, it’s probably the best one. Firstly, its unique history and elegant interior design create a luxurious atmosphere. Secondly, you can find the latest games along with the classics. The icing on the cake is the excellent dining and drinking facilities available. Furthermore, the casino is conveniently located near the city centre.

The Gaming Floor in Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu, Bucharest

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu, Bucharest, has a playground with 100 slots and over 20 table games. You’ll be able to test your skills and luck on a wide range of jackpots, diverse roulettes, blackjack and poker tables. Have a look at the following short overview of the game catalogue at Vernescu:

Gaming Floor

As usually happens, slot machines are a main attraction at Casa Vernescu Casino. Even though the table games are not so numerous, they’ll most likely satisfy players due to their diversity. There are also poker games that can be played at the best casino sites in Romania, such as Ultimate Texas, Caribbean Stud, and Dracula.

Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu received the CLBM award for the best live casino in 2019. It also has a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor. The casino is not only popular for its excellent games and top game-related service delivered but also for having top amenities and dining facilities. In the following extracts, we will precisely address these aspects.

VIP Chips

The casino offers special treatment to its loyal guests by providing them with a private space to run their live table games more quietly. This is done in the elegant VIP rooms, where the casino has higher game limits that allow a more exciting experience. On the other hand, the slot area rewards VIP clients with other attractive bonuses.

Amenities at the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu

If you’re seeking an unforgettable casino experience, look no further than the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest. Situated inside the historical monument Casa Vernescu, this luxurious establishment caters to discerning guests who appreciate the finest quality, premium service, and a sumptuous atmosphere.

Amenities at the Casino

The Casa Vernescu Casino is a gathering place for individuals from diverse backgrounds who come together to create a thriving destination. Conveniently located in the heart of Bucharest, the Palace Casino is part of the Casa Vernescu landmark. Keep in mind that parking is never a concern as the casino offers a 2000 square meter space dedicated to this purpose.

Dining and Bar Experience

The Casa Vernescu Casino is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a thrilling and memorable experience. However, the entertainment does not end there; the casino also boasts an exceptional restaurant where visitors can indulge in delicious cuisine created by a passionate head chef and his talented team.

Dining Couple

The bar and lounge area are also not to be missed out. They offer a comfortable atmosphere to unwind after a busy day. Visitors will be able to enjoy a drink and socialise with friends while taking in the stunning surroundings. Not to mention the party you could end up having dancing to the DJ’s music.

With all of these amazing amenities and facilities, it’s no surprise that the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu never ceases to amaze its visitors. So why not come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Stay tuned for the latest events. Celebrations such as costume parties, storytelling, music and dance shows, diverse activities, and lotteries, are the norm.

Other Casinos Closeby

Bucharest has a total of 160 casinos; therefore, we can say that you can have a thrilling gambling adventure in this city and its surroundings. We have prepared two different casino alternatives near Casa Vernescu Casino. This way, you’ll have more options to enjoy a remarkable gambling experience in Bucharest. Here are the other two great casinos of the city:

Grand Casino

Grand Casino is located just half an hour’s walk from Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu. It provides a variety of popular new and classic slot machines. On the playground, you’ll also find American Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, blackjack, and more. With 159 slot machines, among which you’ll find some amazing jackpots, this casino assures plenty of fun.

🗺️ Location: Bucharest, RO
📍 Address: Calea 13 Septembrie nr 90, inside JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest, 061165, Romania
🃏 Casino Gaming: Slots, Table Games
🎰 Slots: 159
♠️ Table Games: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker
🩱 Amenities: Restaurants, Events, Clubs, Shopping
☏ Reach via Phone: +40 723 155 555

This remarkable land-based casino does not only offer great gaming facilities, but it also provides the finest events that include private parties, Halloween and New Year’s Eve celebrations, Body Painting Workshops, and much more. Moreover, there is Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Turkish, and, of course, Romanian exquisite food available at the casino’s luxurious restaurant.

Fortuna Palace

The Fortuna Palace casino in Bucharest has 116 slot machines and two roulettes. It features a beautiful and luxurious casino with fashionable gaming rooms, a top-notch restaurant, entertainment, and more surprises. This casino provides a unique experience, offers top-quality amenities, and a golden opportunity for you to enjoy with friends or colleagues.

🗺️ State Location: Bucharest, RO
📍 Address: Promenada, Calea Floreasca 246B, Bucharest 014476, Romania
🃏 Casino Gaming: Slots, Table Games
🎰 Slots: 116
♠️ Table Games: Roulette
🩱 Amenities: Restaurants, Bar, Events, Shopping
☏ Reach via Phone: +40 725 112 987

The casino offers a rewards card to loyal players. It consists of four different tiers: Red, Silver, Gold, and VIP. Red is for new players, and VIP is for the most loyal of players. No matter what your level is, you will earn points while you play, which can be exchanged for cash and other prizes.

The Constanta Casino

In case you’re travelling to the Romanian Black Sea coast, it’s highly recommendable to visit the Constanta Casino. This casino, built at the end of the XIX century, is impressive in more than one way, from its history to its architecture. However, it has been in disuse and served as an astonishing landmark for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

This article about the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest has now ended. However, we have taken some time to prepare a few frequently asked questions that will possibly clarify any doubts you may have. Keep in mind that they’ll jump to the paragraph of your interest. We hope that you find them helpful. See them below:

Who owns Casa Vernescu Casino?

If you want to enjoy 100 slots and more than 20 live tables, you’re at the right place. As our Casa Vernescu Casino overview indicates , the gambling establishment is owned by Yaniv Cohen. At the Gaming floor you will find popular slots, roulette, blackjack, and several poker variations. On the other hand, the casino’s history and luxurious interior design are unique.

How many slots does Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu have?

The Casino Palace at Casa Vernescu has 100 slots and over 20 table games, more than enough for having fun. Therefore, at the casino’s gaming facilities, you’ll be able to test your luck on a wide diversity of slot jackpots, roulettes, and remarkable blackjack, and poker tables, games that will surely satisfy players.

What are the amenities at Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest?

If you’re looking for an astonishing casino experience, the Casino Palace Casa Vernescu in Bucharest is the right place. The amenities in Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu are top-quality. Besides, parking is not a subject of concern because there’s a 2000-square-meter parking space. Visiting this casino located in the heart of Bucharest is a good idea.

Can you eat at the casino in Casa Vernescu?

The casino in Casa Vernescu is a great destination for anyone looking for a memorable gambling experience. Nonetheless, the entertainment does not end there. The casino in Casa Vernescu has one restaurant where visitors can taste the delicious cuisine prepared by a remarkable head chef and his talented team.

Are there any alternatives to Casa Vernescu Casino?

If you want to expand your gambling experience in Bucharest, Romania, keep in mind that there are 160 casinos in the city. We’ve gathered some relevant information about two alternatives to Casa Vernescu Casino, which are really close by. At these places, you’ll be able to gamble, dine like a king, and enjoy many entertainment events.


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