Blackjack Vs. Sports Bets: Which One Is Better?

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SportsBookBy Renatas Kandrotas.

Indeed, you have asked yourself this, especially if you’re a sports fan and want to get in the betting world. You might see yourself deciding between the two when you play your money to try to multiply it. Many factors, especially earnings or fun, can differ between the two methods.

Your choice will rely heavily on the type of bets you like to set. However, comparing both betting methods alone may leave you missing some details. So, we’ll show you the basics of both, and you can decide which is your favorite and works for you.

Sports betting, at its core, is betting on the outcome of a match in any sport. These are usually done officially with large-scale events where you can bet on other aspects besides the result, such as the specific number of points midway through or at the end of the match. A good bettor knows how to work the odds in his favor and manages to deduce the most probable outcome to win money.

Blackjack’s one of the first games that come to mind when discussing casino gambling. In blackjack, bets are based solely on the win or loss of a single hand in the card game. It can be limiting, but it’s ideal for someone with experience in the game since it’s much faster.

Betting Methods

In the case of sports betting, there are multiple sites dedicated and known as ‘bookies.’ Within these, you get a list of odds for many sports matches. You can load your balance on the sites and place your bet. Pretty simple!

There’s also the option to bet in person, with a bookmaker, or with friends. However, many in-person methods have lost popularity with the rise of online gambling.

For its part, blackjack also offers multiple options when playing. The main and best known is going to an official casino and playing at the tables. Many people prefer this experience as the casino environment provides more fun than just gambling.

And as in the previous case, blackjack also has the option of online games. The popularity of these has meant that many people can enjoy betting from the comfort of their homes. You can even find sites that offer the game without the need to bet but as a mere form of entertainment.


In sports betting, the odds govern the likelihood of an event. The sites use ‘line setters,’ people who research the games to determine the probability of the events within the games. Once they have the ‘line’ of the game, they offer their odds, giving higher numbers to the less likely scenarios.  Sharp sports betters will always be looking for bookies or sites with the best lines and odds.

On the other hand, blackjack has a set line of odds based on the rules of the game and the cards dealt. The game itself has a winning odds line set at each casino. However, factors inside the game usually put the odds in the house’s favor.  Sharp blackjack players will always be looking for games with the best rules and conditions.

Money Reach

When we talk about ‘money reach,’ we mean how much you can play with a set amount. Let’s establish a base of $100 for each to give a better example.

In sports betting, $100 can take you a long way, at least in terms of time. If we consider making relatively low bets per game, around $10 each, our capital will supply us with ten rounds. Each match lasts about an hour and a half, so $100 in sports bets can keep you afloat for around 10 hours even if you don’t win.

When playing blackjack, leverage can be trickier depending on whether you’re playing it officially or on a night out with friends. If you do it in a casino, many of them maintain a minimum bet per table. If we put a scenario where you don’t win any games either, blackjack might give you less than five rounds, depending on the standards of the table you play at.

Fun and Enjoyment

One of the decisive factors for many people when deciding between one option or the other is, of course, fun and enjoyment. It usually depends heavily on the type and size of bets the player prefers and enjoys the most. Luckily there’s a clear difference between blackjack and sports betting bet dynamism.

For example, you may prefer blackjack over sports betting if you enjoy speed betting. A player can participate in 50+ blackjack hands in an hour or bet on just one sports match.

However, sports betting may be for you if you’re a more passive player. These do not require the bettor’s active participation. Once you bet on a sports game, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the result.


There are a few ways to ‘beat the system’ and profit in sports betting. Of course, becoming a millionaire overnight is out since many of these methods offer results with low gains. You can try, at your own risk, to find weak lines with bookmakers.

Sports betting might be harder since it depends on factors we cannot modify. You must have extensive knowledge of both statistics and the game to be effective and make a profit. For its part, blackjack’s established, and the player can count on his skill in the game to win.

But this does not mean that it is much easier to beat. It’s no secret that one of the most widely used methods of increasing blackjack winnings is card counting. However, the player can get expelled from the tables for using this strategy.

You must understand that neither blackjack, sports betting, nor any bet is ‘easy money.’ Both require a certain level of skill to avoid losing your money. So, you’re better off looking at both as entertainment rather than a quick way to make money.

Outside of this, to decide which is ‘better’ between them, consider what type of bettor you are, what bets you like, and how much money you’re willing to play and put at risk.




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