bet365 Bonus Code NJMAX Gets $200 All Weekend in NJ, Ohio, Virginia & Colorado

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The bet365 bonus code NJMAX offers customers $200 in bonus bets with a $1 wager, whether it wins or loses. Users only need to create an account, deposit a minimum $10 and make a minimum bet of $1 on odds -500 or greater. The odds requirement means a -250 favorite would qualify but -700 would not be eligible.

You must be physically located in a bet365 state to bet, as well — currently Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia. You do not need to live in those states, but you must be inside them to actually place a wager.

Use bonus code NJMAX and click link below to go straight to the first bet offer from bet365, the world’s favorite sportsbook.

So how can you use your bet365 bonus bets on Friday, or throughout the weekend?

The Tampa Bay Rays have gotten off to a hot start, winning their first six games to sit atop the AL East. While it is still very early, the Rays have been exceptional thus far.

They host the Oakland A’s, who have made news regarding both a potential relocation and having the lowest-payroll roster in the MLB — under $40 million. While the Tampa Bay Rays aren’t expected to win the AL East, the betting market pegged them more than 20 wins better than Oakland.

It’s still way too early in the season to make any certain judgments, but the Rays could be a potential Wild Card team in the American League.

Preview how we can use the bet365 bonus code offer for the Friday matchup between the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays.

The bet365 bonus code offer, explained

Customers in all four bet365 states can use bonus code NJMAX to earn $200 in bonus bets with a $10 deposit and $1 wager on any qualifying odds. The odds must be -500 or greater meaning -300 is OK, but -600 is not.

The offer is valid for 30 days after creating an account and bonus bets are valid for 90 days. bet365 deposits bonus bets within an hour of your bet settling as well, so you could potentially use the bonus bets for any Friday night wager, or anything throughout the weekend.

Bonus bets from bet365 will pay the cash winnings from the bet but not the original stake. For example, you win bonus bets Friday and place $100 on the Phoenix Suns -150 to win on the road against the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • You net $66.67 in cash but don’t keep your bonus bet stake
  • If you bet that with cash, you win $66.67 and the $100 stake

How to activate bet365 bonus bets

Follow these easy steps to activate your first bet offer from bet365.

  1. Click here to go to bet365 and select your state.
  2. After selecting your state, click the ‘join’ button to set up a new account.
  3. Deposit at least $10 and make a minimum $1 wager on odds -500 or greater.

A’s-Rays with code NJMAX

For our offer, let’s use bet365 Sportsbook odds to find the biggest favorite on the Friday MLB slate. The offer can be placed on any market as long as the odds meet the -500 or greater requirement.

There are other options you could consider such as a spread bet or total; however, it makes sense to pick a safer bet since we earn the bonus bets whether the wager wins or loses.

The Tampa Bay Rays have won six straight. Why not grab them to win at home against an inferior Oakland A’s team?

Currently, the Rays are favored -292 and qualify for our first bet offer. The only requirement is creating an account, making a minimum $10 deposit and at least a $1 wager.

A $1 wager would pay $.34, the $1 stake and $200 in bonus bets. No matter the outcome of the game, you win the $200 in bonus bets.

The $200 in bonus bets hit your account within one hour of the bet settling which could set you up to wager on the late-night NBA slate or any market you choose throughout the weekend.


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