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White Collar Boxing History

Before we provide you with extra details about white-collar boxing and its origins, we would like to tell you what this type of boxing stands for briefly. First of all, the name of the competition suggests that it’s a bit different from professional or amateur boxing. White-collar boxing allows non-professionals – people who work regular jobs (the so-called “white collars”), to enter the world of boxing.

They can participate in special boxing tournaments and championships that are specially organised for people who have not been fighting or have fought a bit. White-collar boxing allows ordinary workers to step into the ring and test their will and strengths as boxers. On the other hand, being able to watch unskilled people fight also provokes huge interest among viewers and gamblers, etc.

White-collar boxing appeared in New York and has been associated with the Gleason’s Gym. In the late 1980s, the owner of the gym started to organise informal matches between the white-collar workers who used to train at the gym. However, this soon developed into regular events held every month. Later, in the 1990s, thanks to promoter Alan Lacey and his organisation, these events came to prominence.

Maybe the first white-collar boxing event that provoked greater interest and enjoyed huge media coverage was “Capital Punishment”. It was held at Broadgate Arena in London in July 2000. Back then, a team of Wall Street bankers flew to the UK to take part in the tournament. Since then, more than 100 similar competitions have taken place, and more than £1.5 million has been raised for different charities.

Are White Collar Boxing Fights Regulated?

Since white-collar boxing fights became extremely popular and turned out to be very profitable, too, the necessity of specific regulations emerged. Of course, organising specific sports events where non-professionals fight against each other hides a risk. Therefore, to be legit, these competitions need to have established rules, regulations and specific codes that make everything legal and clear.

And the good news is that since white-collar boxing started to gain popularity and to be officially organised, regulations were put into effect. In 2001, the International White Collar Boxing Association (IWCBA) was founded. Later, in 2007, another organisation started to operate as well – the World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA).

The IWCBA uses the same weight divisions as professional boxing. Besides, a special division belt is being awarded to the champions of each category. The IWCBA tournaments also require the presence of professional doctors, anaesthetists, as well as paramedics. Thorough medical checks of the fighters are also required.

🏢 WCB Regulatory Organisations ✔️ Foundation
International White Collar Boxing Association (IWCBA) 2001
World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA) 2007

Over 1500 bouts have been held under the hat of the IWCBA, with the most serious injuries during the fights being only bloody noses. The other organisation – (WWCBA), was founded in London, UK. It also promotes and regulates different white-collar boxing fights around the globe. However, the Asia–Pacific region appears to be its main focus area.

The organisation has specific rules and guidelines that help boxers become ranked nationally, regionally and globally, allowing them to compete for other championship titles as well. An interesting fact is that the WWCBA also collaborates with another prominent boxing organisation – the International Boxing Association (AIBA), which helps it establish better standards.

White Collar Boxing Rules

Since white-collar boxing in the UK and other parts of the world became officially recognised, specific major elements had to be outlined. The boxing matches are now regulated by official organisations and, therefore, they need to follow specific rules. And every white-collar boxing event has specific rules that follow the general rules that were accepted for these types of competitions.

In its essence, white-collar boxing is a safer version of professional boxing and has a much lower impact. Therefore, the rules need to be oriented toward keeping the contendents as secure as possible because most of them are not professionals. Therefore in this guide about white-collar boxing in the UK, we will provide you with more useful details.

🏁 White Collar Boxing Rules 📊 Data
Number of Rounds 3
Rounds Duration 2 Minutes
Head Protection Mandatory

In white-collar boxing, contendents also wear protective helmets to decrease the risk of more serious injuries. Such helmets used to be part of the rules in amateur boxing, but in 2013, AIBA voted to remove the mandatory headgear for amateur elite male boxers. Yet another thing that is essential for white-collar boxing is that there is no knockout rule.

What is a White Collar Boxing Match?

White-collar boxing in the UK is popular nowadays, and many people are eager to watch those interesting events. A white-collar boxing match is a fighting competition that confronts two contendents that are non-professional boxers. The matches that you can watch at the white-collar boxing competitions are shorter, though. The boxers have only two minutes per round (up to three rounds) to fight against each other.

The white-collar boxing matches are known to be more “light”. This means that the contendents are not exposed to such a big risk as professional boxers are. In a white-collar match, you are more likely not to see a knockout as strict safety measures are put in place.

Currently, many betting sites that also offer TikTok vs YouTube boxing betting have included white-collar betting as well. Still, mixed martial arts are getting more popular than the previous two sports. Keep in mind, though, that there is a slight difference between boxing vs MMA betting. However, both white-collar matches and MMA bouts bring great excitement.

White Collar Boxing Rounds

The white-collar boxing fights are quick as the rounds are fewer and much shorter. However, this does not mean that they are less exciting. Many people are eager to watch quick bouts between non-professionals as the outcome may be unpredictable. This is also the reason why many punters choose to access the best UK betting sites and place wagers on the most interesting matches from the Ultra White Collar Boxing or the Ultimate White Collar competition.

A Man Holding a Stopwatch

The main factor that differentiates white-collar boxing from professional boxing is the number of rounds. According to the white-collar boxing rules, there are only three rounds of two minutes per round. In comparison, in professional boxing, as was the match between Wilder and Fury, there are 12 rounds of three minutes, which is a significant difference.

White Collar Boxing Training

As you already know, the participants in the white-collar boxing matches are not professional fighters who still want to experience the excitement of a real fight but in a much safer environment. These events allow people with non or fewer skills to feel the taste of the real fights.

At the same time, people who want to participate in white-collar boxing matches can train before the shows and improve their skills. Organisations such as Ultra White Collar Boxing or Ultimate White Collar Boxing allow ordinary people to register and start training sessions in specified gyms. The training is led by professional trainers so that future contendents can gain some experience before the matches.

Who Can Get into the Ring?

According to the white-collar boxing rules, anyone can participate as long as they are at least 21 years old in the US and at least 18 years old in the UK. Besides, white-collar boxing organisations in the UK pay serious attention to safety which has always been a top priority before and throughout the matches.

Therefore, people who want to join are advised to make sure that they don’t have any injuries or health problems that may put them at risk. This is why strict medical checks are also conducted before the matches as well. During the events, the fighters’ safety is watched over by the referees and the medical teams carefully.

The Ultra White Collar Boxing Competition

Ultra White Collar Boxing is among the leading promotion organisations in the UK that organise matches of this rank. What is interesting is that the organisation also raises charities for cancer research in the UK. The Ultra White, Collar Boxing competitions are popular because they offer excellent entertainment. Still, at the same time, the events follow a specific cause, and many of the revenues are used for different charities around the UK.

A Man Throwing His Bare Fist

The promotion company organises matches in various locations around the UK. The organisation also offers free training to those who want to try out the white-collar boxing experience. Currently, thanks to its events, the organisation boasts nearly £24,489,292 donated for cancer research, raised by more than 190,652 fundraisers.

WCB – The Conclusion

Without a doubt, white-collar boxing is a trend that has gained huge popularity in countries like the US and the UK. And what makes it so interesting is the fact that it allows ordinary people to get in touch with the world of boxing and experience the real thrill of the fights. White-collar boxing also provokes great interest among people who like this sport as well as many bettors.



If you still want to find more details on the topic, take some time to check the following paragraphs. We have provided you with a brief FAQ section where you can find answers to some of the most common questions related to white-collar boxing. Here, you can find some extra details that may be useful for you.

What is white-collar boxing in the UK?

Many people are interested in boxing and the white-collar boxing events in the UK allow non-professionals to take part in real fights. This is a type of boxing competition that allows ordinary people to take part in specially organised boxing events even if they don’t have any skills but want to enjoy the thrill of fighting.

What is a white-collar boxing match in the UK?

This is a boxing match where the contendents who step into the ring are non-professionals. These are usually ordinary British people with regular jobs who are still interested in boxing and want to take part in real fights. There are special white-collar boxing rules that aim at keeping the fighters as safe as possible.

Why is it called white-collar boxing?

This is because these events refer to the possibility of the so-called white collars, who are working-class people participating in legally organised matches. The history of white-collar boxing fights dates back to the late 1980s when the first fights between white collars became popular. White-collar boxing in the UK also started to become popular soon after.

What are the UK white-collar boxing rules for the rounds?

These events follow very strict rules and fighters’ safety is of top priority. There are three white-collar boxing rounds of two minutes each. Every British fighter wears a protective helmet and a team of medics is responsible for the prevention of any serious injuries during the fights.

What is the minimum age to take part in white-collar boxing?

In the officially organised and regulated events in the UK, only people aged between 18 and 55 can participate. Some rules determine who can participate in white-collar boxing fights because the events follow strict procedures when it comes to safety. This is because the people who step into the ring are not professional fighters.


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