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Splitting is one of the more complicated moves that you can do in blackjack. Given the impressive number of different card combinations, splitting can be difficult to master. But those who do will play leaps and bounds better than those who can’t. Therefore, learning the specifics of the blackjack split is essential for good blackjack gameplay. Use the navigation below to jump to different sections of this guide.

Split in Blackjack – When It Does

What is the Blackjack Split

Blackjack features a wide range of different moves and player inputs, which make the game as engaging as it is. It is this emphasis on the player agency that keeps us coming back to the virtual and physical blackjack tables. Of all the possible moves, the blackjack split is among the most impactful ones.

When you play blackjack, you are dealt two cards after placing your bet. Based on these two cards, you will either hit or stand. Occasionally, you will be dealt two cards of identical value, for example, two 10s. When this happens, you can use the blackjack split move. This is available when playing RNG blackjack or at a table at the best blackjack live casinos in the UK.

When you split a hand in two, you put down a bet equal in value to your original one. Then, you are dealt one more card to each hand. From this point on, the two hands function independently of each other. Therefore, you get to make decisions for each hand. This means that either hand can be won or lost, depending on the choices you make and your luck with each.

Blackjack Split in Different Games

Differences Between Blackjack Games

Depending on the blackjack rules of your chosen variation, what happens after a split will vary. Some versions of the game allow you to play out each individual hand fully. However, others are more limited.

There are blackjack games where after the split, you will be dealt a single card to each hand, and you stand automatically. Some may allow you to hit blackjack for a 3:2 payout, while others don’t. Certain variations allow for further resplits, provided you have the cash, whereas some may limit the number of resplits or ban them completely.

It’s important to learn about the specific rules of every blackjack game you want to play. As you may already know, the best online blackjack casino sites in the UK feature a wide range of variations. Each comes with a specific rule set in which the allowed split moves are explained and detailed.

Reading it will enable you to understand your options and whether the specific variation is suitable for you. The general rule is that the more options you have, the better position you are in.

When to Split in Blackjack and When Not to

When to Split in Blackjack Games

As with every other move in the game, the blackjack split is only useful in certain situations. You don’t want to split every pair, so it’s helpful to know general guidelines if you want to split in blackjack. Splitting is part of the general blackjack basic strategy. It’s a move you want to perform in specific cases but hit or stand in others. In this part, we will skip over the other moves and focus solely on various blackjack split scenarios.

✅ Splitting Pros ❌ Splitting Cons
Gives You More Options Extra Risk
Allows for Additional Profit Have to Place Additional Bet
Can Make a Losing Hand Into Two Winning Can Be Tricky to Master

To make a long story short, the goal of splitting in blackjack is to position yourself with more suitable hands than you currently have. Whether splitting is favourable or not will depend on your pair and the dealer’s hand. Here are a few tips:

  1. Never split two 10s
  2. Hit on two 4s
  3. Always split a pair of 8s
  4. Always split two Aces
  5. Double down on two 5s (don’t split)
  6. Split two 6s if the dealer’s hand is 6 or less, otherwise hit

It’s only advised to split when you have a statistical probability of getting better hands than the dealer. However, splitting an almost sure thing like two 10s is ill-advised. Therefore, think about what your odds will be after doing the split.

More often than not, your ideal blackjack variation will have a specific basic blackjack strategy chart. It will be tailored-made for that version of the game. As you know, there are a lot of differences between the numerous blackjack variants. As a result, there will also be a shift between the strategies towards when to split in blackjack.

Games to Try Out the Blackjack Split Move

In this article, you will learn all about the blackjack split move. We go into significant detail about the various ways it shows up in gameplay and how you can best take advantage of it. However, it’s one thing to read about it, and another is to practice what you’ve read. Fortunately, the online gaming scene gives you plenty of opportunities to practice the blackjack split. Here are some top-tier blackjack games where you can do just that:

Concerns and Things to Avoid with the Blackjack Split

It’s important to remember that the blackjack split is a riskier move than most others in the game. Not only do you drastically change the state of the game, but you also have to put down extra money for each split hand. If you use this option recklessly and without taking proper strategy into account, you will quickly diminish your bankroll.

Blackjack is not a high-variance game, such as certain slots. Any profit you make will come as a result of good gameplay, patience, and strategy. Remember, blackjack is part luck but also part skill. Unlike other casino games, your choices and decisions matter much more.

Blackjack Split Peculiarities

Don’t be deceived by the high RTP values attached to blackjack games. These are calculated assuming players are using perfect basic strategy. Deviating from this pattern and making sub-optimal decisions will push the blackjack odds much more in the casino’s favour. Therefore, we advise you to do your research and study the blackjack variants you wish to play.

Fortunately, most real money blackjack operators provide free-to-play demos of their games, which gives you the opportunity to practice before risking your bankroll.

Popular Questions

If you have any questions on the matter, check out the FAQ section below. We have gathered the most common questions about when to split cards in blackjack along with quick and informative answers.

1️⃣ What does split mean in blackjack?

In short, splitting in blackjack is done when you have a hand of two cards with identical value. You put down an additional bet, and the two cards are separated into different hands. After that, more cards are dealt to each hand, and they function independently of each other.

2️⃣ When to split in blackjack?

Knowing when to split in blackjack is essential for your success. Certain pairs are worth splitting, whereas others should never be separated. For example, a pair of 10s is best left alone, whereas two 8s are always worth splitting into more hands.

3️⃣ Is the blackjack split the same across all variations?

There are certain differences in splitting between blackjack games. Each variation features its own distinct rules, which can affect the split options. Some are quite liberal with it, allowing for multiple resplits, doubling on split Aces, etc. On the other hand, certain games are stingy with splitting features, and others, in rare cases, forbid it entirely.

4️⃣ What variations allow the split in blackjack?

There are numerous excellent blackjack games where you can practice splitting. The blackjack split has become a hallmark of the game and is available in the vast majority of variations. Most online blackjack titles support some form of splitting, so you shouldn’t have to worry in most cases.

5️⃣ Is the blackjack split always a good idea?

There are some concerns with splitting that you should consider. For one, it carries additional risk and should not be taken lightly. If you don’t know how to make good use of it, don’t do it or practice first. Wasting money is a poor strategy and one that you should avoid.


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