Northwest Territories Gambling Laws ✔️ Legal Gambling in NWT, Canada

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There is no secret that the Northwest Territories’ laws on gambling permit various gambling games. Furthermore, the NWT laws on gambling are clear about the licences the gaming venues must acquire before offering their services to the players. Use the table below to navigate to this article’s main sections, learn the essentials, and don’t miss out on reading the frequently asked questions.

Northwest Territories Laws Regulating Gambling

Besides the provinces, Canada has three vast territories – the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. The territories cover vast regions and have small populations. The Northwest Territories history is popular because of the books of great writers and explorers. Here are a few essential details you need to know before gambling in the NWT:

🗺️ Territory 🐺 Northwest Territories
🍁 Country Canada
⚖️ Gambling Law Criminal Code of Canada Sections 201 through 206
♠️ Land-Based Gambling Legal
🃏 Online Gambling Legal
🎂 Legal Gambling Age 18 years for Lottery, Bingo, Scratch Cards, Keno,
19 years for Casino, Poker, and Sports Betting
👌 Licence & Regulation Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs
💸 Taxes Winners Tax Only for Professional Players, Operators Pay Taxes Accordingly
🚓 Gambling Crimes Cheating, bribes, illegal gambling, and other gambling crimes are dealt with by the gambling venue, police, and government authorities

As part of Canada, each territory can choose its legislation if it complies with the main laws. The Northwest Territories gambling laws are also based on the Criminal Code of Canada. Just like the Nunavut gambling laws, gambling in the NWT is legal only when the government licenses the location.

The gambling laws in Canada’s Northwest Territories permit all forms of land-based and online gambling as long as it is offered by a legit provider like those in our guide of Canadian online casinos for 2023. Further down the article, we will share why it isn’t easy to find land-based venues and how you can play online. But first, we will tell you more about the authorities and gambling licences.

Northwest Territories Authorities & Gambling Licence

Gambling Licence Approval

There are no specific Northwest Territories laws on gambling; instead, the gambling laws in Canada apply throughout the territory. Any operator who intends to open a gambling venue or offer wagering games must receive a licence from the government of Northwest Territories.

Gambling is legal only with authorisation from the Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) in Yellowknife. MACA grants all lottery licences and regulates the games according to the Lotteries Act and the Criminal Code. Besides bingo, Nevada tickets, and raffles, the authority regulates casinos.

There are also no Northwest Territories online gambling laws because the Canadian online gambling legislation also applies. Offshore operators can also offer their services to players in NWT, but they must be licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Commission, the government of Gibraltar or another government authority.

Northwest Territory Land-Based & Online Gambling Venues

Casino Games

The NWT laws on gambling apply even in the country’s most remote corners. Even though the population is small and there are lots of fun activities to do in the wilderness, locals and guests occasionally gamble. In this blog post section, you will find details about brick-and-mortar gambling locations and online gaming options.

Brick-and-Mortar Gambling Locations in Northwest Territories

Lottery Bingo Gambling

As we already made clear, the Northwest Territories laws on gambling allow all forms of wagering and betting games. Despite the legality, there is limited number of land-based gambling venues because the territory is vast with few inhabitants. Anyone who intends to make a couple of wagers while waiting for the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) can choose from the options:

  • ♠️ Land-Based Casinos: the only land-based casino in all three Canadian territories is Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall in Dawson City.
  • 🎱 Lottery Games: all Northwest Territories lottery tickets, scratch cards, bingo, raffles, Nevada lotteries, pull tickets, and sports draft lotteries are operated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) and the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. The tickets are sold at kiosks, convenience stores, and other locations.
  • 🏒 Sports Betting: is governed by the NWT lotteries and available at land-based retailers. Seeing the Sport Select brand means that players can wager on sports events.
  • 🏇 Horse & Dog Races: greyhound and horse races are part of the sports betting options, so check out the Sport Select venues.

The Northwest Territories gambling laws also allow casinos on tribal land and reservation. There are no First Nations casinos in NWT because there is no point in creating brick-and-mortar venues if there are no people to visit them. The fans of indigenous gaming locations can try First Nation casinos in Canada located in other provinces and territories.

Online Gambling in the Northwest Territory, Canada

Online Gambling Cards

The Canadian online gambling laws apply equally strongly in this region and remove the necessity of the local government to create Northwest Territories online gambling laws. Despite the freedom, there are no NWT gambling sites. However, the gambling laws in Canada’s Northwest Territories allow all forms of online gambling provided by licensed offshore operators. Here are some of the games locals play online:

  • 🎰 Slots
  • 🎰 Slingo
  • 👾 RNG & Arcade Games
  • 🎡 Roulette
  • ♠️ Poker
  • ♠️ Blackjack
  • ♠️ Baccarat
  • ♠️ Other RNG Table Games
  • 🕺 Live Dealer Games
  • 🎲 Dice
  • ✍️ Scratch Cards
  • 🎱 Lottery
  • 🎱 Bingo
  • 🎱 Keno
  • 🏒 Sports Betting
  • 🏇 Horse Races
  • 🐕 Dog Races

One of the preferred sports betting and gambling options is Sport Select, also established according to the NWT laws on gambling. Alternatives are the licensed and regulated Canadian online casinos and the offshore casinos. Many reliable operators have excellent online gambling sites and offer play options on the go offered by the top online casinos in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Gambling Addiction & Responsible Gambling in NWT, Canada

Gambling Addiction Therapy

Besides regulating the operators and the games, the Northwest Territories’ gambling laws also relate to players. For example, gamblers must be of legal age to place a wager. One of the most difficult things to predict and control is gambling addiction and underage gambling. Despite the difficulties, the authorities have many ways to deal with this issue.

The first way is to create responsible gambling policies for all operators and wagering venues. This includes responsible gaming tools, underage gambling control, cool-down options, self-assessment tests, and more tools. All of them are available at the newest Canadian online casinos and can be found at land-based gambling venues.

Besides preventing addiction, the government and organisations take measures in helping gambling addicts and their families. The Responsible Gambling Council is the main force against problem gambling. Once the addiction is established, players can use the open helplines or contact different private and government organisations.

Northwest Territories Gambling Laws FAQ

The Northwest Territories’ gambling laws are extremely easy to remember because they are based on Canadian laws on gambling. Anyone who intends to gamble in the NWT should read them, and the operators must learn them well and follow them constantly. To complete this blog post, we collected and answered several popular questions: on the matter:

*️⃣ What are the Canadian Northwest Territories gambling laws?

Every operator who intends to offer services to the NWT players should know the Northwest Territories gambling laws. The territory’s gaming regulations are based on the Criminal Code of Canada, Lotteries Act, Sports Betting Act, and other Canadian laws. The NWT government MACA issues licences to operators, monitor the games and helps players in need.

*️⃣ Who issues gambling licences in NWT, Canada?

According to the Canadian gambling legislation and the Northwest Territories laws on gambling, the matters related to the NWT gambling authorities and licence are dealt with by the Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs. Online casinos should also have licences from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, MGA, UKGC, Gibraltar, and other authorities.

*️⃣ Is gambling legal in Canada’s Northwest Territories?

All gambling laws in Canada’s Northwest Territories based on the Canadian Criminal Code and the supportive gambling legislation state that all forms of gambling are legal at licensed locations. The gambling options in NWT include land-based lottery ticket sales and sports betting venues. Online gambling is possible via Canadian online casinos and offshore gambling sites.

*️⃣ How the Northwest Territories fight gambling addiction?

The Northwest Territories’ online gambling laws and the legislation regulating land-based gambling cover the full spectrum of matters and issues related to wagering and gaming venues, players, and games. One of the most serious matters is the responsible gambling of NWT players and fighting the gambling addiction by government and private organisations.

*️⃣ Are there land-based casinos in the Northwest Territories, CA?

The NWT laws on gambling allow the existence of casinos and gambling venues, but in all Canadian territories, there is only one casino (Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall, Dawson City, Yukon) because of the vast land with a low population. The brick-and-mortar gambling locations are kiosks, retail locations selling lottery tickets and sports betting options.

*️⃣ Can I gamble online from the Northwest Territories, CA?

The Northwest Territories gambling laws allow gambling at licensed online gambling sites. The Canadian NWTonline casinos are the preferred choice by the locals, but there are also many offshore websites. Players are advised to register only at licensed and regulated websites where the games are regularly checked for fair play.

*️⃣ Are gamblers welcome at the Canadian NWT?

The Canadian gambling laws fully apply in this territory, which is why no Northwest Territories laws on gambling exist. Check our Northwest Territories blog post, and you will see that there are many NWT players who have access to the full range of legal gambling games offered by licensed providers.


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